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It will be difficult to think of football – or postmodernism – the same way after this.

What makes a game so brutal it was almost banned in its earliest days go on to captivate the popular imagination and power a multibillion-dollar, media-driven industry? How can slippery postmodernist theory be thought of in practical enough terms to explain commercial football? (Hint: Think Frozen.) Why did pop-star Katy Perry make ESPN’s College GameDay even more ultimate a showcase for today’s hyper-mediated marketplace of football narratives? Is Oklahoma Sooners coach Bob Stoops a postmodernist sage in his press-conference analysis?

All that and more is laid out in How Postmodernism Explains Football by Robert Kerr a story of sociological insights and theoretical analysis, heroes and anti-heroes, yesterday and today, actual game and mediated game, wholesome warriors and beer-drinking womanizers.

Just out from Palgrave Macmillan in hardcover or e-Book

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