From Chapter Seven, How Postmodernism Explains Football

     ‘When Perry walked onto the GameDay set that morning in Oxford, she had never attended a college football game. She had the Mississippi home crowd roaring the moment she took a seat in a furry pink football jersey, clapping her hands down on the set’s desk and yelling, “Gosh almighty!” She pulled out props, like a plate of corn dogs (in reference to an odd but popular saying among opponents of Louisiana State University that its fans smell like the batter-fried hot dogs) and a heart-shaped cardboard fan featuring a photo of Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight. Brandishing the latter, she gazed into the main camera and cooed, “Trevor Knight, you hear me? Call me!” She correctly forecast that Mississippi would win its game that day over Alabama, unlike Corso who donned the elephant head worn by the Alabama mascot, only to have Perry throw corn dogs at him and then wrestle the elephant head off of him.

Later, Lee Fitting, GameDay’s senior coordinating producer, told the New York Times there was “no question” that Perry was the best guest picker in the show’s history. Perry, who did not attend college, ran out on the field with the Mississippi fans after their big upset victory, and later celebrated with them at a local bar. “I think she realized, ‘This is my college experience, packed into one day, and I’m going to make the most of it,’ ” said her manager, Bradford Cobb. Perry later told ESPN the Magazine, “Journey was playing ‘Don’t Stop Believing,’ and I just thought, ‘Why not be the quintessential college girl and jump off the bar?’ ” That leap, along with virtually everything else about her one day of college, was captured for a music video, further generating over the course of that single day still more dimensions for one of the most unlikely but engaging mediated football narratives ever.’     MORE ON THIS

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